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Work created with professional materials.

Especially this work is one of my favorite pieces, in this large format and with this style, as I don't usually do, in this I was inspired by a work by me, one of the greatest painters that ever existed, Picasso.

It is an almost reproduction of one of his masterpieces, "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon", which I did with my new series "Different Slilhouettes" and with colors of my choice.

Ready to hang. If you are a Miami resident, we can have it delivered and installed in your space.

We provide the Photoshop service, in which you can send us the image or images (with measurements if possible), of the place where you intend to place it and we will send you the image or images so that you can see it virtually placed in your home or office.

Certificate of authenticity with the purchase.


“Santaolaya’s ladies”

  • Mixed media on canvas.

    72 x 60 inches.

    182.88 x 152.40 cm.

    Signed: Santaolaya (below right).

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